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Kevin N. Murphy, Seattle WA USA

Hand Crafted Vision

Video and photography are absolutely critical when going to market with your new product, mobile app, or service. You need compelling video and images to tell your story and inspire people to get involved. Crafting images with a message is exactly what I do. Whether you need a brief explainer video for your new app, or would like to introduce yourself to your customers before they hire you, I will see to it that you have the compelling content you need and we’ll have fun to boot!

Kevin N. Murphy

Kevin N. Murphy

Director, Camera Operator, Video Editor

seattle freelance video editor

Freelance Video Editing

As an experienced video editor I know the pressure of project deadlines and how hard it can be to catch up after an unexpected delay. Add me to your video editing team and close the gap, let your production work shine and meet your deadlines.

Even if everything is on schedule, as your video editor I’ll be able to keep it that way. One of the most common times for things to fall behind is during the editing process. It takes experience and skill to keep things moving and on track.

Video Production Services


$ 8000

  • Upto 3 min Final Video
  • 3 edit revisions
  • Full day on location shoot
  • Half Day B-Roll Shoot
  • Professional Hair and Makeup Artist
  • HD Camera and Lighting
  • Professional Audio Capture
  • Video transcriptions, Closed Captioning (for SEO)
  • Custom Motion Graphics
  • 2 Pre-production planning meetings

Small BusinessMost Popular

$ 5000

  • 1-2 minute final video
  • 2 edit revisions
  • Half day on location shoot
  • half day B-roll
  • Hair and Makeup for on location shoot
  • HD Camera & Audio
  • 1 Pre-production planning meeting


$ 2500

  • Up to 1 min final video
  • 1 edit revision
  • half day shooting
  • HD Camera & Audio
  • Client supplied B-Roll
  • 1 Planning Meeting

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Video Production

Running a Kickstarter campaign? Need a video about your startups new app before the next conference?

Freelance Camera Operator

A quick addition to your production or marketing team, my expertise and efficiency mean you get the footage you need.