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First BarCampOrlando was a Hit!

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Yesterday the 1st BarCampOrlando was held. It went extremely well.

I am honestly very impressed that they were able to have as many talks, just about non-stop from 1 PM – 8:30 PM. My biggest regret is not doing a demo.

Talks I enjoyed

  • Introduction to Facebook
  • Introduction to Agile
  • Cow orking

I’m a bit frustrated I was stuck trying to get the live Flickr feed to work and missed Elliot’s talk.

I recently joined the Ubuntu Florida LoCo team and it was cool to meet a few people from the team there. Also the install fest was cool, not a ton of participants but those who did try it out booted up fine. Especially impressive is that it booted up on a Macbook Pro.

Productivity is down

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So I’ve been having a lot of trouble focusing lately. Especially this week. Of all weeks, why this week?

News, news…. So Sean’s got a kickin idea for a web service, very excited about that one. I’ll let you know when there is something to see.

Have you tried Wesabe? I started uploaded some stuff but haven’t had a lot of time to mess with it. Seems like it might be helpful.

So related to the web service Statiksoft is gonna develop, I am going to try and come up with a user stats dashboard design. I REALLY want to learn how to generate some sexy PDF reports. Reportlab looks promising. It’s just a matter of how much promise I show.

Saw Interpol last night. Yup.

Oh yeah and BarCampOrlando is Sunday!!!!

activeCollab, CSS Zen Garden

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I installed activeCollab today. I like it. The future seems bright with an API and timetracking on the way in the next version. Looks like they’ll even support importing Basecamp data.

So I’ve set a goal for the summer. While I cannot participate in the Google Summer of Code, I have decided to make every effort to design and submit a CSS Zen Garden style sheet. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for me it’s quite the undertaking. Any ideas for a theme?

First I must:

  • Finish
  • Finish

I also want to start making some icon sets. I have yet to find the tool of choice.

It seems I’ve got a great opportunity to start learning RSS and XML as well as bzr and PHP. By learning I mean actually make stuff that uses it. Tonight I fixed a broken section of code 1st try. Oh yeah.

Drupal, Socialtext

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Work has been a touch slow over the past few days. Today, that changed.

I’m am the creative and technical lead on a resource site that will support both internal and external members of the team for a large account. I’m very excited about it. It’s going to rock. (The site that is.)

At a debrief meeting today some new ideas were tossed around. One in particular that rung very true was the need to have a social network element added to the current intranet. The goal is to reduce barriers between different parts of the organization that stem from them being in a different part of the world. What seems to happen currently is people don’t connect as freely with each other if they are not in the same part of the world. The more people feel like they know each other, the more inclined they are to collaborate. Thus, better global implementation takes place as internal unity is strengthened. Cool idea, not my baby, yet.

Next, I was in a smaller meeting to do some catch up and planning on where things were with the Global website and what tasks we could tackle during the three week build out leading up to beta testing. Lots of things. I mentioned the workspace/information resource project already. Also I was assigned to research podcasting and wiki’s. A W E S O M E. I love this job. That’s what I was most excited about. I also got some other to-do’s with writing the style guide and outlining who needs to buy in on what before we proceed. Which we noted is kinda the backwards way to do it. Design the site and then figure out the style guide. But hey, they started before I got here.

So to the wiki drawing board. Elliot tells me about Socialtext. Again, awesome find. I also start getting these emails about the SNS (Social Networking Site) solution ELGG that has been suggested by someone who knows.

That was a post I started over a week ago. Obviously I got a little bit busy at work. heh.

War A Gain st.

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Recently I’ve developed a irritated right eye. I’m not sure why. One idea I have is that it’s because I’ve been staring at a LCD all day and drinking coffee – my eye gets dehydrated. Another is that I don’t get enough sleep – my eye gets dehydrated from not having enough time to bath in my cool refreshingly moist eyelids at night. Another idea is that I don’t blink enough. But only on the right side.

Google Spreadsheets is a high quality web app. I love being able to pull up the same document anywhere and not even having to think far enough in advance to know that I’d need it on more than one computer. Do I suffer for my lack of forethought? No, not with Google Spreadsheets.

I need to get a little more creative with my formula usage. Right now I’m too static to be implemented long term.

The news of a Presentation App is impressive. I’m not very excited about it since I don’t make many presentations. Being able to share them at a URL like many of the other Google apps would be neat to see.

  • Band of Horses
  • Pop Riveter
  • Feist
  • Camera Obscura
  • Low
  • Destroyer

I don’t really fancy myself a programmer because I don’t have a very thorough understanding of any object oriented language. Over the weekend and into yesterday (Tuesday, April 17th) I managed to hack out 4 pages of a website. I learned SO MUCH! Why CSS menu’s are hidden by Flash and how to fix it in IE 7. Amazing CSS techniques on Image Mapping additional info pop-ups. My grasp of inherited properties increased. Gradient backgrounds without images. (Looks bad, heh.) Div naming pit-falls. And generally just what it is to crank out a websites code. Granted it is a very simple site. But it was a challenge and while I wasn’t surprised I could do it, I’m glad I was able to figure out exactly how in such a short term.

A Silent Dove Among Those Far Away

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You run for cover [and still find none]

  1. Move out
  2. Reg Aux Pio
  3. Reg Pio
  4. For Lan – Silent?
  5. Min Ser
  6. Fre Lan/Own Bus?
  7. Move Out Sta – WA, MN
  8. Tur 26

I had forgotten what it was
to know the difference
just as it does
make some sense
the difference
you have not
and that is why we are
I’ve been taught
and it isn’t very far
the difference
what it always does
how i am
closed i was
before it all began
I’m troubled by this self
of less than
and though i always will
sometimes I just forget
it seems I had forgot
the difference
where I was
where I often am