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Playing Photographer

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So The Collective graciously invited me to photograph their live performance on WPRK 91.5 Rollins College Radio. The station is housed on the basement of the Mills building, whatever that means. It was a really cool experience. Pictures turned out OK. I am not the best judge of what pictures other people will like. I think some of them are pretty nice though. Unfortunately Scary Mary, a previous DJ was not there. Still fun though.

The Collective

Sheathed vs. Bereaved, it’s Witts or Daggers

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Do this, plan that, play those, see them, go there…

MOVE OUT! of state???

I’ve been trying out Pidgin. I like it much better than the old Gaim interface. Icons make a big difference to me.

Is there really any reason even to bother worrying about stuff?

I’ve decided I will stop slacking. We’ll see what comes of that.

Today I was asked if I knew anything about Apache web server. Later it was revealed that in fact I knew nothing about using Apache to serve requests to a Tomcat cluster. Good to know. Poor guys got stuck with an app they didn’t build and can’t figure out how to deploy the thing. Frustrating no doubt.

I’m getting a lot more familiar with Drupal. I can see why some people would be frustrated trying to accomplish something with it under pressure and in a short time. Having a relaxed pace to get familiar with it has been nice. Lots of little things to figure out along the way as always. I must say it’s quite a bit more complicated than installing WordPress. That may only be because I was also configuring the server it was running on and setting up the database myself. That stuff makes a difference. PHP configurations and all that jazz I’ve never touched before. Good to know how.

Administering a server remotely through a shell is nice to know how to do. I cannot do anything complicated yet, but I did get a new user added and configured a virtual host for them with the help of a Linux pocket guide from Reilly’s, and the already configured virtual hosts above the new one.

Windows Vista is exactly like the Mac commercials make it out to be. Kinda funny.

I managed to sign up for activeCollab beta testing before they closed it out. I really hope I get to test it out. I have a feeling I’m going to redo a lot of the interface though. It’s not fluid…. though neither is this site. I think fluid layouts feel more friendly. Like they notice you and your window size. Not apathetically ignore you, as those kids in high school did when you walked by.

I’m dying to learn python. Dying. I can feel it’s power whiz by me, just out of my grasp, every time it’s mentioned. I need to start small and just learn it. Just learn it.

The same goes for PHP. If I could code my own PHP I could do ANYTHING I want. I keep reading about SOAP, LDAP, REST and all that stuff and I can not even write PHP! Well I can but just not very quickly. And I have no idea why the stuff I get to work works. The syntax is still elusive. Bleh.

That’s today for now.

War A Gain st.

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Recently I’ve developed a irritated right eye. I’m not sure why. One idea I have is that it’s because I’ve been staring at a LCD all day and drinking coffee – my eye gets dehydrated. Another is that I don’t get enough sleep – my eye gets dehydrated from not having enough time to bath in my cool refreshingly moist eyelids at night. Another idea is that I don’t blink enough. But only on the right side.

Google Spreadsheets is a high quality web app. I love being able to pull up the same document anywhere and not even having to think far enough in advance to know that I’d need it on more than one computer. Do I suffer for my lack of forethought? No, not with Google Spreadsheets.

I need to get a little more creative with my formula usage. Right now I’m too static to be implemented long term.

The news of a Presentation App is impressive. I’m not very excited about it since I don’t make many presentations. Being able to share them at a URL like many of the other Google apps would be neat to see.

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  • Pop Riveter
  • Feist
  • Camera Obscura
  • Low
  • Destroyer

I don’t really fancy myself a programmer because I don’t have a very thorough understanding of any object oriented language. Over the weekend and into yesterday (Tuesday, April 17th) I managed to hack out 4 pages of a website. I learned SO MUCH! Why CSS menu’s are hidden by Flash and how to fix it in IE 7. Amazing CSS techniques on Image Mapping additional info pop-ups. My grasp of inherited properties increased. Gradient backgrounds without images. (Looks bad, heh.) Div naming pit-falls. And generally just what it is to crank out a websites code. Granted it is a very simple site. But it was a challenge and while I wasn’t surprised I could do it, I’m glad I was able to figure out exactly how in such a short term.

What the Night Portends

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I’m going to see The Arcade Fire in Atlanta, GA on May 1st. It’s really exciting just to think about seeing them live. Guess what? I was browsing around’s pages for The National, another favorite band, and I noticed someone make a comment that they are seeing The National with Arcade Fire. I thought, “No. Can’t be. Are they touring together?” So I went to The National’s website and checked out their tour dates. HOLY COW! The National is supporting Arcade Fire for about 5 shows. Their first night on the tour is May 1st!!! When I decided to go to Atlanta for a show I had no idea it would be for hands down the best show I’ve ever been too. Now to try and get tickets on the ground floor instead of the balcony. Hmm…

A Dark but Common Horse

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I went to see My Brightest Diamond open for The Decemberists on Sunday. Nice show! I would of much rather seen a show with them headlining, but they played a good 5 songs.

I got called yesterday by a friends younger sister. She had the sad task of calling everyone in his phone contacts to let them know he had passed away two days before. He was 23. Got pneumonia, was sick for two weeks, and died. Crazy. Now I know at least two families that needed that WT.

Had an awesome time making the banner images for the internal pages of the global web site. It’s really hard to switch gears from designing banners to editing code. Helps to go to sleep in between.

Learning Python has really been put on hold by getting a job. That’s not a bad thing. Just one of those things to deal with. I’ll have to figure out a time to do some personal skill development on the weekends.

I also would like to find some time to exercise. Or make some.

Yesterday I had to continually yell and talk and make noise in my car so as to not fall asleep. That was interesting. I prefer getting a good nights rest. When I came outside to my car to leave I noticed that my car door locks didn’t all unlock as they usually do. I thought, “Oh man, dead battery.” Sure enough. I sat there for a few minutes getting sweaty and then made my way back towards the office to ask for a jump and noticed someone leaving work and asked them instead. They had the cables and jumped me no problem. This morning again the battery was less than powerful and not to a new mistake just not enough recharge from the ride home yesterday I suppose. Irritating.

I’ve got to go to a meeting and discuss global brand messaging.